Team Crisp

None of us is
as smart as
all of us - Ken Blanchard

We are a group of experienced and talented individuals who come together to form a pragmatic and creative force.

Whilst creative content and strategic communication is our thing, we come from business backgrounds and take an inside out approach.

Meet the team… better still, give us a call or drop us a line so we can get together for a coffee.


Richard Miller

Richard doesn’t really believe in titles (although he owns a square metre of land in Scotland that comes with the title ‘Lord of Glencoe’ – not joking!)

As founder and Brand Director of Crisp & Co. Richard lives and breathes the ad game. Having sold airtime for Network TEN then later been responsible for multi-million dollar ad campaigns as a media buyer, Richard now focuses on his real passion – creative brand and sales strategy.

Having an inside understanding of the available mediums together with an uncanny knack of developing win-win creative ideas, Richard proudly leads the team at Crisp, services key accounts and continues to make everyone’s eyes roll and eyebrow’s raise with his whacky concepts that just seem to work!

Kym Mcmutrie

Kym is a bit of an enigma to us. On one hand he is the calming influence on what can be a fairly feisty team, he’s a very deep thinker, loves a casual BBQ with his mates and enjoys fishing. All sounds pretty normal right?

Except this is the same guy who once asked his wife to file a molar with his household drill and on another occasion thought he had a third nipple that turned out just to be a blob of spilt jam!

Twenty-five or more years experience in retail management, at both consumer and B2B level, along with a naturally analytical nature has set Kym in great stead to manage some of Crisp’s key clients and their media strategy. He is a competitive funny guy who loves a gag and a pun but at the same time, this sharply dressed man will blow your mind with his negotiation and customer service skills. He loves a chat but just don’t get him started on condiments and sauces – his wife banned him from that aisle in the supermarket!


Siobhan Miller

Meet our resident Hospitalian.

Hospitalian? Is that a real word I hear you ask. It wasn’t but it is now.

For the last decade and a half, Siobhan has been integral in all facets of the hospitality industry, such as food and beverage, accommodation, functions, major events, gaming, TAB and lotteries; managing established venues as well as overseeing the development and launch of newly renovated multi-million dollar sites.

With a major focus on incremental sales and creative marketing concepts, Siobhan now works with hotels, wineries, micro-breweries, pubs and function venues to help them stand out from the crowd.

Hospitalian. It’s because hospitality is in her DNA.

Marissa Meyer

Marissa is our Senior Graphic Designer and boasts a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design with a specialisation in digital illustration. 

Having worked professionally in the industry for a little over 10 years, she relocated from Sydney to join the Crisp team with skills in print design, online/digital, corporate identities 
and branding.

She’s a bit of a creative smarty pants actually.


Lachlan McMutrie

Well, we thought we’d better add a millennial to the team! However, this one is a bit different to the other such species we have come across.

Not only is Lachy a dab hand with all things social media, but he actually has a personality and a pretty damn good work ethic!

So, if it’s someone who understands BookFace, Twotter and Instantgram you are looking for, look no further – we’ve got that covered!

Angela Powell

Angela has been at Crisp almost since day one and we suppose you could say she’s part of the furniture now.

Graphic art is not just Angela’s job; it’s her passion. With a Diploma in Commercial Arts and a love of food, beer and wine, who better to lead the design team of an agency specializing in retail and hospitality marketing? Angela is a rare breed; she has a keen eye for artistic design and is also really good with numbers – go figure!


Elaine Mullins

Every business needs an Elaine. But you can’t have this one because she is ours!

As Agency coordinator and Accounts person extraordinaire, Elaine is the one you need to be best mates with. She not only manages the efficiency of our business but she is responsible for paying everyone too!

With a Masters’ in Business Administration and as a qualified CPA, Elaine is probably too good to be here. But don’t tell her we said that, she may just give herself a pay rise!