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S5 – EP12 – Strapline

Strapline, tagline, catch cry… call it what you will. But this short sentence sums it all up in a way that is unique and telling of who you are and what you do in a highly engaging and memorable way.


S5 – EP6 – What’s stopping you?

Every business at every stage will encounter barriers to its future success. Identifying these is crucial in order to overcome them.

S5 – EP7 – Pillar Talk

The pillars of your business are the unshakable foundations of your existence. These are the mandatories, non-negotiables and explicit rules of engagement. If something you’re doing is not in line with these then don’t do it!

S5 – EP8 – Prove It

It’s well and good to know and understand what your pillars are. But when asked, can you prove them or are they just fluffy marketing speak?

S5 – EP9 – Brand Promise

The brand promise.

This is what your customers can be certain they will get every time they do business with you.

The brand promise ensures you do what you say you will do.

S5 – EP10 – Perfect Personality

Who are you as a business? Are you fun or serious? Pragmatic or dogmatic? Excitable or chilled? Whatever your businesses personality is, be it; otherwise, you could be seen as untrustworthy.