International online radio show ‘Building Brands & Selling Stuff’ takes a pragmatic and creative approach to business growth, brand building and profitable sales. Listen live every Wednesday at 10.30am or to the podcast series later.



In this show we take a peak in to the world of video, animation and graphic design and hear from the experts as to how they make great creative ads.

Adrian Kendrick is Senior Graphic Designer at Crisp & Co. whilst Tim Ash is the founder and owner of Trace Elements Media.

Adrian and Tim talk about their roles, how they fit in to the creative process and the importance of well thought out content.



Ep 1 – Season 3 Build Up

Richard launches the exciting season 3 opener of Building Brands & Selling Stuff.

Ep 2 – Build your people. Build your brand – RICHARD MILLER & LUKE WALSH

Richard discusses the importance of developing sales forces and building brand, sales and culture through people with SEO industry leader, Luke Walsh; Director, Gamut Media.


In this episode, we talk about some of the greatest challenges in setting compensation plans for our teams and in particular – our sales forces.

What’s fair? What works? What motivates? What doesn’t?

Ep 4 – Tell More, Sell More – RICHARD MILLER

In Tell More, Sell More we focus on sales and marketing collaboration.

Ensuring that sales and marketing efforts are all pulling in the same direction and that roles and responsibilities for each are defined and clear.

Ep 5 – What’s New? – RICHARD MILLER

What’s New? focusses on how to identify new sales opportunities.

At this stage in our business life, we have evolved from the ‘sale at any cost’ mentality and now focus on the clients we want to work with rather than the ones we have to work with.

Now, we are creating a relationship with our clients that transcends a supplier/customer transaction.