Brands live in the heart not the head

Logos, fonts, colour pallets, icons… yeah, they are all part of the brand identity. But a brand lives in the heart not the head. When you think of a brand, ask yourself one question; how would you feel if that brand didn’t exist?

Think of a fashion label, technology brand or fast food outlet… which ones come to mind first and how do they make you feel?

If a brand makes you feel good things, that’s a great brand.


Brand Journey

All brands are on a journey. And all brands mean different things to different people. But we think there are five main periods in the life of a brand; unknown, known, something, respected and loved.

It’s our job to break through the barriers to get a brand to the next period in its journey.

Brand Pyramid

What’s a brand pyramid? It provides a unified consumer and client vision for your business and assists in identifying barriers to achieve the vision, core clients, brand promise and communications personality.
It is then used to inform your external marketing, communications and brand strategy.
Don’t have one? We can help with that.


Once we know who you are, what you do, why you it and who for, then we can design your look. From logos to branded collateral, style guides and image setting; our designers will bring life to your brand that fits with its personality and tells your story.

Our Work


Great. We know who we are, we have our brand story and we look schmick. Now what? Good question. Now we need a plan to roll it all out. You’ve done all the hard work on setting up a sensational looking brand but if you don’t implement a roll out plan, it’s like peeing in a wet suit; you get a nice warm feeling but no one else knows!