S5 – EP5 – Great insight

By richardmiller richardmiller - 12/05/2021
By richardmiller richardmiller - 12/05/2021

S5 – EP5 – Great insight

Insight comes from where you’ve been, why you started and what you exist to do.

Understanding this assists you and your team to stay on track with what you are trying to achieve and why.

Show Notes


Episode 5. Great insight


Show Objectives – The Why


In this season, we are building your Brand Pyramid.


A brand pyramid is a framework that answers most of the fundamental questions in a diagram that can be easily shared and communicated across an organisation.


Far from a trivial exercise, developing a brand pyramid forces consensus among senior management with regards to what the company wants to be, who it serves, why, how it should make customers feel and what the company’s core values are.


It also clarifies brand fundamentals and sets the strategic foundation.


In short, a brand pyramid keeps everyone rowing in the same direction.


Each week, we discuss the layers of the pyramid, what its objective is and give helpful tips on how to develop it.


The What…

The brand pyramid consists of:


  1. Mission
  2. Vision
  3. Target
  4. Insight
  5. Barriers
  6. Pillars
  7. Proof points
  8. Brand promise
  9. Personality
  10. Engagement
  11. Strapline


This week, we discuss the next step… Insight.


When putting this show together, I blended my 17 years’ experience with that of others I admire to give you the best advice possible.


What is insight?

Insight comes from where you’ve been, why you started, why your business is unique and what you exist to do.

Understanding your business better assists you and your team to stay on track with what you are trying to achieve and why.


Once you find a powerful insight, you’re playing in very rich territory for the brand.


The How…

  • To drive brand success, the most powerful insights are the ones that triangulate powerful core truths about the brand itself, its target audience, the competitive landscape, and the broader cultural context.


  • Investigate its origins, its history, its products or services, what its people and internal culture are like, what its highest aspirations are, and how it speaks and acts in the world.


  • For target audiences, it’s important to uncover peoples’ key challenges and aspirations that are relevant to the brand, their met and unmet needs (both functional and emotional), their perceptions of the brand and its competitors, and how the brand might best fit best into their needs and aspirations.


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In the meantime, remember that great ideas will only ever be clever notions until you make them happen.


Written by – Richard Miller – Brand Director, Crisp & Co.

Innovation, creative content and strategic communication specialist.

Richard started his first business at the age of 14 and has thrived on creating and building entrepreneurial opportunities ever since.

He began his advertising career as Agency Sales Executive for TV network Channel 10 in 2006.

Experienced in both media sales and buying, Richard was responsible for multi-million-dollar media accounts as National Media Manager for Iceberg Media before co-founding Crisp & Co. in 2009 (formerly Crisp Advertising).

Taking a pragmatic and results focused return on investment approach has established Crisp & Co. as the go to creative and communications agency for local and national businesses seeking expertise in business insight, creative content and strategic communication.

With a lifetime of experience operating small to medium businesses and working closely with both local and national brands, Richard is well positioned to take a holistic view of a full marketing and sales plan with a keenly trained eye on creative concepts and communication strategy.

Along with wife and work colleague Siobhan Miller, Richard also co-hosts the podcast series Mad Man & The Hospitalian; interviewing highly successful professionals from business, marketing and hospitality backgrounds around Australia, discussing the highs and lows of their careers and asking the ultimate question; ‘what is your definition of a fruitful life?’.

Find out more about Crisp & Co. here www.crispand.co and listen to Mad Man & The Hospitalian wherever you get your podcasts. Connect with Richard on LinkedIn