Facebook and Apple IOS 14 Changes

Changes To Facebook Ads

By Lachlan McMutrie - Jan 31, 2021
By Lachlan McMutrie - Jan 31, 2021

Facebook and Apple IOS 14 Changes

Changes To Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are dead, right…?


Firstly, there’s a lot of unknowns so let’s not panic just yet. In fact, many will see minimal change because of the types of ads they’re running. For those affected though, what will iOS 14 really mean for advertisers?

Until the changes occur and habits are monitored, it is still very speculative. But rest assured, you will still be able to get leads, sales and actions from iOS 14 devices, you just won’t be able to track those actions. This means marketers need to health check their online strategy, ensuring they aren’t relying on data tracking to get results.
(Exit stage left all novice marketers who previously relied entirely on hyper-targeting)

Put simply, marketers can no longer rely on:

– Pixel actions – Tracking your leads/conversions/add to cart/purchases (this will decrease as people opt out of tracking)
– Optimizing ads – Without pixel data, optimizing ads/retargeting ads based on actions will be less effective
– Building audiences based on their interests, actions, previous behaviour (it was good while it lasted, but no more)

What we can count on:

– Less availability of reporting may hurt the performance of ads. 
However, you can still get leads/sales from iOS devices, you just won’t “see” them all in the Ads Manager reports
– Building audiences needs to be based on engagement (with your business, brand or product). 
– Reported conversions will decrease across the board as people opt-out of tracking, this may look like a decrease in return of investment (this doesn’t mean the ad isn’t working, it’s just the results are tracking)

Bear in mind also that this change will only be in effect on iOS devices when people update to iOS 14.
Luckily, there are experts around who can help you use all of this to your advantage. 
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