an insider’s view

Behind Closed Doors

By Siobhan Miller - Jun 23, 2020
By Siobhan Miller - Jun 23, 2020

an insider’s view

Behind Closed Doors

The hospitality industry has had it’s world turned upside down of late.

The immediate shutdown on March 23rd saw our bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs and cafes close their doors not knowing when, or if they would ever be opened. 

Hospitality is a tough industry and let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone. 

These people have chosen a career that asks not only for late nights but early mornings too; for a sacrificial social life, for calm under pressure, for initiative during the unpredictable, and to do it all with their customer in mind. 

It’s safe to say Hospitalians aren’t doing it for the perks, they do it for the love of the industry. And that’s what keeps them going, even behind closed doors.

The term hospitality is often misunderstood. Does it mean quick and friendly service? Immaculate food quality? Reasonable prices? A dictionary will tell you hospitality is “friendly and generous behaviour towards visitors and guests, intended to make them feel welcome”. The key here is the last part; how it makes them feel.

We’ve seen many examples of hospitality through this pandemic, even from behind closed doors… 

‘GHOST KITCHENS’  to provide equipment and space for safe food preparation

LOCAL DISTILLERS switch to making hand sanitizer

CHEF prepares a 7 course gourmet diy dinner for date night delivery

WINEMAKERS deliver sample sizes for a virtual guided wine tasting

LOCAL CHEF curates set menus to recreate the hospitality experience from home

HOTEL’S drive through service, offering ‘heat and eat’ meals and wines to match!

Personal shopper and front door delivery from ADELAIDE CENTRAL MARKETS

ADELAIDE’S FINEST SUPERMARKETS giving away takeaway soup to health workers, ambulance staff, police and fire department

SA DISTILLERY launches first virtual bar in Australia, with virtual gin flights and cocktail masterclasses, virtual distillery tours and more

LIVE STREAMED GIGS – Adelaide entertainers bring the live music experience from their stage to your screen

HARDY’S VERANDAH deliver in-room fine dining experience

DIY winemaking kit now available from THORN-CLARKE

CUB’S ‘LOVE OF YOUR LOCAL’ CAMPAIGN reaches $1 million target

THE ‘DIG DEEP RIGS’ a fleet of Carlton Draught and VB trucks has hit the road, helping publicans by selling takeaway tap beer in growlers from pub carparks

WORK FROM HOME IN PEACE – hotels reach out to those struggling to work from home, with a ROOM FOR THE DAY FOR JUST $50!

And this is just to name a few.

It’s fair to say that by nature of the term ‘hospitality’ this industry never really closes its doors, even in a pandemic.

So now as the restrictions start to ease, it’s time to support these Publicans, Brewers, Hoteliers and Restaurateurs in keeping their doors open. 

Bring back date nights, get a group of friends together and enjoy the hospitality.

Make no-shows a no-go. 

Can’t get a table at your favourite spot? Try somewhere new!

These are true Hospitalians right on our doorstep,

let’s raise a glass and book them out.

I’ll cheers to that!